This site will hopefully provide a useful resource for anyone wanting information on Bingo, and more specifically online Bingo. As the name ‘Fun Bingo Online’ suggests it is all about getting the best from online bingo, having fun, chatting and making online friends as well as the game of bingo itself. Currently the site has some information about the history of bingo – some of which might surprise you if you are not familiar with it. Also there is information on how to play the most popular forms of the game if you are new to bingo.

Also we have overviews and reviews of some of the online bingo rooms available to bingo players in the UK – this site features UK facing bingo rooms and is intended for a UK audience so bear that in mind. For instance the legal age to play bingo in the UK is 18. Do check your local rules and laws before depositing on a bingo site, and do check (if you are not in the UK) whether a given bingo site accepts deposits or players from your country.

But, above always, remember bingo is fun! It can provide hours of entertainment for very little outlay and online games of bingo are not expensive. So play responsibly and have fun. The Best Bingo is an independent site and free from any gambling operators control.
We welcome feedback, so feel free to use our contact form if you have any suggestions, criticism, things you would like to see on here or even just to say hello! Any information provided via the contact form will only be used for that enquiry and will not be passed on to any other person or organisation.

I do try and check the information on this website fairly often but do check yourself as to the prizes, promotions, jackpots and so on in the bingo rooms itself to make sure they haven’t changed!

Hope you enjoy the site,

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( The website “FunBingoOnline.co.uk” has been restored, migrated and updated to “FunBingoOnline.com” from the previous version which expired in 2015. I would like to thank the previous owner, Ray for his hard work, dedication and the effort that he put into the website for many years. Thank you ).