Progressive Jackpots in Bingo

Progressive Jackpots in Bingo

Progressive jackpots are a way to get really big prizes in Bingo. The way they work is that the prize pool gets bigger as the games go on (as long as the prize isn’t won). You win the jackpot by getting winning the game (i.e. getting to the Bingo) within a certain number of balls. To learn more about progressive jackpots in bingo read below.

How progressive jackpots work

The prize pool for the jackpot is built up by taking a small amount from each of the participating bingo games over time. However, unlike the main bingo game the jackpot is not normally won each time – the trigger for winning the jackpot is for someone to get to the bingo within a certain number of balls – that is to get there quickly. The bingo is usually the coverall, or full house, but not necessarily so do check which pattern is associated with the jackpot prize. For 80 ball and 75 ball bingo, where different patterns are possible (see the pages on how to play 75 ball bingo and 80 ball bingo) sometimes a special pattern just for the jackpot is possible (you still have to get there within a certain minimum number of balls though!).
Which pattern you need to get and the number of balls you need to get it within should both be clearly posted before the games for live bingo. For online bingo the rules for the progressive jackpot should be stated on the site, and you should check them so you know exactly what you need to achieve.
The jackpot trigger, the number of balls (or number of calls as it is sometimes referred to) is set low, so that it is low odds that the jackpot will be hit, but of course still possible within a reasonable amount of time. The jackpot thus builds up from game to game, getting very big which obviously encourages people to play those games more. That is the idea of them! But the advantage for the player is that although the odds to hit it are small, they are the same no matter how big the jackpot gets. Therefore it becomes a ‘better bet’ to play the game if the jackpot has got big as the returns are larger for the same outlay. Of course you still have the regular bingo prizes so the jackpot is like an ‘extra’.

Some of the biggest prizes in Bingo!

When the jackpot is won they reset it, but some of the money is held back to provide a ‘seed’ amount for the next jackpot prize. So they are always worth playing. Some of the smaller games even have smaller jackpots, which adds a nice extra bit of fun and excitement to these smaller games – so you can join in with the jackpot chasing fun even with the cheaper bingo cards. It is the same exciting game of bingo and the prizes are still very worth winning of course!
The bigger jackpots prizes in progressive jackpot bingo can get up to hundreds of thousands of dollars or pounds – when you are talking about hundreds of thousands, which currency it is in is not besides the point but certainly doesn’t matter in terms of calling it a big win! Jackpots are a great extra, you get to play bingo and win sometimes as normal, but there is always the chance of that big win at the same time as normal play. Check them out at the online bingo rooms!
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